What is Identity Resolution and Why Marketers Should Prioritize It

Watch the Webinar

Join David Frankland, Managing Director of Winterberry Group and Chris Harrison, President of FullContact, as they break down the foundations of modern Identity Resolution and explore the benefits of accurately identifying your customers and tailoring your messaging to their specific needs.

During this session you’ll learn: 

  • The Opportunities and Challenges of Audience Identification
  • How Identity Resolution Drives Measurable, Personalized Experiences and Can Boost Your Conversions by 30-40%
  • How to Create Seamless Omnichannel Customer Interactions 
  • The Power of Applied Insights and Attributes to Tailor and Amplify Your Marketing Message




Chris Harrison
President, FullContact

With over 20 years of experience designing and building marketing systems, Chris has amassed invaluable knowledge on marketing technology and data solutions. 


Dave Frankland
Managing Director, Winterberry Group

As a leader in Winterberry Group’s consulting practice, Dave has helped executives at hundreds of companies to develop business, customer, and organizational strategies.