Discover the Benefits of Unifying Customer Data Across Your Enterprise

As people engage with your brand, they represent themselves differently across channels and platforms, through various devices and identities — anonymously or authenticated. All marketers are faced with the challenge of resolving those fragmented personal and professional identities.

Our Resolve product connects personal and professional identities, as well as online and offline identities. If you’re interested in seeing how Resolve can impact your business, fill out the form to see if you qualify for a Free Customer Identity Analysis!

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Leverage Real People, Real-Time, and Real Control Capabilities

Resolve provides a persistent PersonID, which can be embedded in your system to identify people across your enterprise platforms. By recognizing people in real-time, you can improve the customer experience through hyper-personalization. Resolve also simplifies privacy compliance, supports your co-marketing initiatives, and so much more.

How It Works

Resolve takes multiple datasets and links every identity within and between each dataset to our Identity Graph. In the analysis, we will assign a portable, persistent and omnichannel PersonID to each identifier, matching across files to highlight areas of overlap. This provides visibility into how all datasets and identities Resolve back to an individual, giving you the control to decide whether to consolidate across your enterprise. Our free analysis will increase your media efficiency by providing you with a thorough understanding of how an individual represents themselves.

Discovery Call

We’ll explore the value provided through a unified view of customers based on the types of datasets you have. Then you simply upload your customer data using our simple and secure file transfer process.

Mapping and Reporting

We’ll process a minimum of one million records, then map them to our PersonID at the individual level. We’ll share how many additional touchpoints we can find on each person, and return a complimentary customer identity analysis that will demonstrate Resolve’s ROI.

Let’s Get Started

Resolve is just the starting point to increasing your marketing effectiveness. It opens the gateway to being able to enrich your dataset with missing identities, as well as thousands of additional personal and professional attributes that can be used for media amplification, data onboarding, omnichannel marketing measurement, and more.

If you have a million-plus customer or prospect records, we can show you the benefits of mapping them to a persistent ID to create a complete view of your audience!